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PROGESS 2013: Call for Proposal

octubre 9th, 2013
For Social Policy experimentations supporting social investments. As PROGRESS is ending in 2013, the Commission has adopted its proposal2 for a new programme on the 6th of October 2011, the Programme for Social Change and Innovation (PSCI)3. This new programme should come into effect on 1st January 2014. The PROGRESS axe of the new Programme is foreseen to continue the current activities of PROGRESS (i.e. policy coordination, sharing of best practices, capacity-building and testing innovative policies). This call aims to expand the knowledge-base, support evidence-based policy-making and intensify the mutual learning among various actors in the PROGRESS participating countries and facilitate the adaptation of social programmes and policies to real needs. The significance of the social policy experimentations depends not only on the valuable information they provide, but also on whether they are used to estimate the impact of new social policies or programmes and on the possibility to eventually replicate and/or upscale these ‘experimental’ policies or programmes. The present call focuses on the methodological aspects of the different phases of social policy innovations, policy reforms or policy adaptations Link to:
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