Professional Profile


My name is Santiago Algora. I am dedicated to create and generate international cooperation projects. I impart training on these projects and also collaborate with other professionals in projects related to Communication and Journalism.

[drop_cap]B[/drop_cap]EGININGS.I have developed my professional career, especially, in the world of communication. At first, I worked in radio and newspapers and was adviser and press officer in various public institutions such as the Government of Aragon and the Aragon Government Delegation. I have also advised in the fields of Communication and Image to the social and political organizations, and have worked in health journalism from the correspondent of El Observador de la Actualidad Médica in Aragon.

[drop_cap]Y[/drop_cap]ESTERDAY. My additional training in History and Cultural Heritage Management has allowed me to do my little forays into the film world and I am author and screenwriter of the documentary «Do not close your eyes», on Calcena wine cellars (Zaragoza). In 2004 began a new professional adventure in the field of Human Resources from a multinational marketing and market research corporation, which allowed me to approach the world of Training. It is also the time when I start to advise companies and public entities in international cooperation strategies, creating and managing EU-funded projects.

[drop_cap]T[/drop_cap]ODAY. Currently, these are my main occupations: Training and Development and Manage International Projects Cooperation. I counsel current professionals within and outside Spain, at the time of moving in an international context, I advise in creating and founding international partnerships, I design and manage European projects and also teach courses related to technical and professional skills in the international cooperation field. Working with a large team of collaborators in Europe, Africa and Latin America, especially. With them, we formed multidisciplinary professional teams from the initiatives we cover: Environment, Renewable Energy, I + D, Lifelong Learning, Rural Development, the Internationalization of Business, Communication, New Technologies … I believe in working in cooperation and, of course, networking, I think is the way to provide extra facilities and adjusted to the needs of each entity that contact me.

On this page pretend provide you more detailed information on why and how I can help and assist you in developing and implementing your projects. We talk whenever you want, you have my professional references in Contact.