[content_block title=»Training»  title_link= «http://www.santiagoalgora.com/training/?lang=en» icon=»B»]In a global and competitive work context, training and retraining of knowledge is essential for any professional. I invite you to take a look at my catalog of courses: European Projects and Funds, Preparation of Proposals, Human Resources, etc..[/content_block]

[content_block title=»International Cooperation»  title_link=»http://www.santiagoalgora.com/international-cooperation/?lang=en» icon=»w»]The market and the opportunities are mainly out there. Millions of consumers expect our proposals. Working in International Cooperation Projects is a good way to learn how to create networking and business relations.[/content_block] [content_block title=»Communication» title_link=»http://www.santiagoalgora.com/communication/?lang=en»  icon=»b»]In this area, we manage different types of contents related to communication and journalism.We carry out projects that require expertise in these areas.[/content_block]